Flicker-free Photo Lighting System
Flicker-free Photo Lighting System
Flicker-free Photo Lighting System
Flicker-free Photo Lighting System
Flicker-free Photo Lighting System
Flicker-free Photo Lighting System
Flicker-free Photo Lighting System
Flicker-free Photo Lighting System

Flicker-free Photo Lighting System

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The Perfect Light you have always Wanted!

Imagine having the perfect lighting? One which is bright enough to light up a room but not too bright to ruin your ideal selfie or completely dazzle you. 

Now, imagine having a remote control to change the different temperature modes, brightness settings, etc. with 360 degrees flexible double arms to change the way you light your set. 

Imagine having a phone holder attached and also being able to charge your phone with your lighting unit? 

Picture this light coming with a tripod and a travel bag to help you on the go. It’s super lightweight, it’s convenient, and it’s what you have always wanted. 

Suitable for; spas, clinics, make-up, living rooms, study rooms, baby rooms, bathrooms, offices, you name it.

It’s the perfect lighting system, and you should order it.


• HD Adjustable color temperature from 2,700K to 5,600k
• Super smooth color temperature and dimming transition
• Flicker-free
• Dual voltage 100-240V
• Lightweight: 5.5lbs/2.5kg
• USB fast-charging port for charging phone/tablet

Flicker-free Photo Lighting System includes the following:
1 x Fully flexible LED luminary with power, dimming, and color temperature adjustability
1 x Remote control
1 x Stable, lightweight tripod stand
1 x Dual voltage power supply (your light ships with the power supply for your country)
1 x Portable Carry bag 


This light system is worth it! I searched for a lot of brands, but this one catches my eyes. Here are some features I liked.

-I like that it has a phone holder in the middle of the light so that you can have evenly bright when taking pictures or filming videos.
-Extremely tall, this is the most elevated tripod selfie light I have ever seen.

I bought this as a gift for my mother, and she loves it! The build quality is excellent. I found it to be durable and resisting. My mother dropped it a few times, but it survived well. The Bluetooth connection is great for us because she is into makeup, and I am lazy, so she gets super nice shots without my help (finally).

Overall we love it, and the touch-sensitive bottoms are kind of innovative for a product like this! I hope to get another one for my girlfriend since she is also into makeup.

Omg, I’m so in love with my tripod. I’m 5’5, and I have to look up at the tripod when I have it fully extended. I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and it fits in the phone holder with my case on with no problems. I love the Bluetooth button. It was super easy to connect, and the lighting on the tripod is outstanding; it makes my YouTube videos pop and look way more professional.

My daughter uses for Tiktok. I am using it for my crafting room lives, YouTube, and more; it’s effortless to use, and the quality is fantastic!!!

This light has genuinely improved the quality of my photo. You can use it not only for the selfie but utilized for shot food, product. This light is adjustable for several heights and several angles. You even can use it for recording handcraft time-lapse video. And it is so sweet to have a bonus tripod and Bluetooth remote device. And I think the tripod weight is appropriate; it is stable but easy to move. And the cable is long enough for me to install lights. Otherwise, the light provides several options. You can change it with time or your skin color. Once you turn it off, it remembered your choice and will keep the same condition after turning it on. Worth to buy!


This is the best deal in town. I have tried everything for lighting for my zoom meetings and self-promotion videos. This made ALL the difference in the world. Love the control over warm/cool light and dimmer. Tripod is lightweight and easy to control and store away too. The phone holder is very secure. I also use this for laptop zoom too when I need my computer. I just use another stand for my laptop and put the light behind and just above the computer.


My daughter wanted another one of these lights, particularly because of the height it extends up to.

Easy to use, set up, and operate. Sturdy enough.
The lights are bright, and the various settings are good.

Happy daughter means a happy daddy!

Easy to assemble! Perfect for youtube videos, so only ideal for someone else to take the photo, if you're the photographer, it's no issue!

I am obsessed with this new lighting system!! In my work line, lighting is critical, and i have done so much research on what lighting works best for me and the best value. Honestly, the vanity X light really ticks every box it is so easily set up and very easily transported it also has every setting needed from cool tone to warm tone light along with being wholly flexible & adjustable for any environment! Can't recommend enough!